We always have inventory. Call to reserve in advance. All pricing is based on hanging weight of the dressed steer. Approximate weight is 350 to 450 lbs.   The price is $5.00 per lb for grain fed and $6.00 per lb for grass fed. A quarter will weigh 115 lbs and feed a family of 4 approximately 4 months. The whole steer is divided equally into 4 parts at the processing plant. You will get approximately the following cuts in a quarter:

4 – 5 Assorted Roasts (Rump, Chuck, Arm, Round)
3 Sirloins, 1” (1 1⁄2 - 2 1⁄2” lbs each)
4-6 New York Strip Steaks 1” (2 per package)
4-6 Rib Eye Steaks, 1” (2 per package)
3 Round Steaks, 1⁄2” tenderized
4 Stew Meat, 1 lb packages
25-30lbs Ground Beef, 1 lb packages
1⁄2 Brisket
Soup/Shank Bones

The processing is done in a Texas Department of Agriculture inspected facility. We will deliver to you locally or you may pick up. You will need to bring 2 – 48 qt coolers or one large one to carry the meat home. No checks please; Cash or money order.


How to order:

To place an order or to contact us with any questions you can call:

Wilton or Carolyn Wilton
Astera Meadows Ranches

512-560-1263 mobile
512-856-2230 home

e-mail: wilton@asterameadows.com